Mare Management Services at Gumz Farms


Embryo Transfer embryo

Gumz Farms offers a very successful embryo transfer program to mares breeding to both on site and off site stallions. The recipient mares are provided by either Gumz Farms or Equine Embryo Transfer Facility and are leased by the owner once they are 30 days in foal.  These mares are to be returned to within 6 months after foaling.  There is a live foal guarantee after the recipient mare is 30 days pregnant, the owner will receive a $1500 credit towards future embryo transfer services if the recipient loses the pregnancy.

The cost of our embryo transfer program is broken into two parts.  The cost for embryo recovery and transfer is 500 per cycle.  If we do not have recipient mares available, the embryo is sent via courier to the airport for $250.  Once the recipient mare reaches 30 days gestation with a viable pregnancy she is leased for $2700.  Board and care of the recipient mare are the responsibility of the owner, who is encouraged to pick her up at this time.  Board fees for the donor mares vary with accommodations.

Stallion fees, transportation of semen, registration, blood typing, etc. are the responsibility of the mare owner.  If applicable, we have programs that meet all the requirements of the KyBIP program.


GumzWe have a separate and state of the art 24 stall foaling facility  Our large 12x16 foaling stalls are continuously monitored by the technicians on staff and closed-circuit TV cameras as well as Foal Alert systems to facilitate safe and healthy deliveries.  The heated and air-conditioned facility is complete with an intensive care unit for those mares and foals with special needs.  Vinyl paddocks are also available for turnout for the expectant mare or mare and new foal.

Semen Receiving

We are strong advocates for shipped semen, both frozen and cooled, identifying more advantages for the mare and mare owner. We have a very high pregnancy rate with shipped semen. We recognize that many mare owners enjoy more interaction with the breeding experience, as well as control of all the expenses related to breeding and foal management.

Gumz Farms has an extensive breeding lab to accommodate your mare.  Care and forethought have gone into the design of the Breeding Lab and Collection Room to ensure quality, control, safety, and a clean working environment.  Our state of the art equipment and procedures exceed the industry standard and our goal to provide successful and efficient breeding practices to both farm and off site mares.